Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer in Switzerland

We had a great midsummer weekend in Switzerland. The Tour de Suisse passed through, with a finish line just below our house for the second-to-last stage. Although it was a bit of a pain that the whole village was shut down, the kids loved the energy and excitement. The whole day was spent in preparation, setting up barriers, traffic patterns, etc. for the racers. And even better, the central square offered free activities for kids - bouncy castle, giant trampoline-bungie cord jumping, wall climbing, and more. The finish line was packed with people long before the racers even apperared, and the crowds were held in place with the freebies being handed out. Our threesome got t-shirts (one size fits all... for the next 25 years), water bottles, hats and clapper things.

The race finally came through, but we were so busy with the activites that we hardly noticed the flash of color as they passed...

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