Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christopher's ABCs

We have been working on basic literacy over the past few weeks - for both Benjamin (now a big 8) and Christopher (a week shy of 6). Having two languages makes it difficult, and half the time, I'm not sure if we are helping or hurting the boys by focusing on English. Maybe we should wait until they have reading down in Swedish... but I just feel like Benjamin is already late and I don't want to waste a whole summer... and Christopher has enough speech and language "creativity" that I don't want to wait until next year in his kindergarten class of 26 (!) kids.

This evening at a pizza restaurant, Christopher had the opportunity to write the whole alphabet. he couldn't really do it, but with help he managed. He was so proud of himself and his new "cheat sheet" for his ABC song (that he never really learned properly) that he sang all evening and begged me to put him in video. So here he is!

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