Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rant on Manners

Oh, the new generation. In my day (you know - when we had to walk to school, uphill, both ways), my mother had definite rules on manners, and especially on phone conversations. I had 5-minute limits on phone calls, one call per night, and I was always required to be polite. "Hello, Armstrong's residence, Leigh speaking" was the only way to answer the phone at our house. And if my mom had ever caught wind of rudeness, my 5-minute-calls would have been out the window. 

So here's the latest in the girl sagas that have me annoyed right now -

T rings, asks to play. A says "Sorry, but today I can't but..." and never gets to finish because T has hung up on her, ostensibly to call someone else with a higher liklihood of playing,  Right Now. T routinely hangs up on Annika... (and let me tell you that if I ever catch Annika hanging up on anyone, her phone minutes will come to an abrupt end.)

And then there was the whole "unless something better comes along" attitude. I'm sorry, but you have to commit to your friends. Annika was at D's before soccer practice, and D asked her if she could come over and have dinner after practice. At practice, Annika asked me if it was ok, which it was. But when she told D, D said, "Sorry, but I asked S instead." Annika had a very long face - "Mamma, do you think D doesn't like me?" 

I hate to see what it will be when boys are involved... by the way, I was never (ever) allowed to call boys. Never. Not even my boyfriend (now my husband). I don't suppose it is the same nowadays...

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