Friday, August 28, 2009

Hanna Montana II?

Annika turned 10 on Sunday. It seems like a long time ago that I first came to Sweden, very pregnant, struggling to scrape off old wallpaper in the room that would soon be hers. In the summer heat, at 8+ months pregnant, it wasn't easy. But now her room is beautiful (though it did require help from experts) and she arrived... a couple of weeks late, but healthy.

Now she is so big, so responsible, so independent - wow - a lot happens in 10 years!

As part of her birthday present, she got to get her ears pierced. And remarkably, she has taken care of them herself, without reminders, every morning and night.

But today, she's not too pleased with me. After a week at her new school, she is ready to change again, this time to a music school, to focus on her singing. She would really like to be discovered as the next Hanna Montana. I pointed out that it was pretty unlikely, given that she has never shown an interest in music before, nor has she sung in a choir... but Hanna probably didn't either, and look where she is now. I also pointed out that since I wasn't a famous singer, and David can't carry a tune in a bucket, that heredity was also against her... but apparently my realistic perspective is not appreciated. Besides, look how many points she gets on Singing Star...
Anyway, if she is discovered by somebody driving by as she is Wii-ing away, I will be the first to admit I was wrong!

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