Sunday, August 02, 2009

Zip-Lining Away

In Colorado, we hooked up with the Durrett family, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them again. Allen and Leisa own the "lake next door", which borders the club property (where our family's cabin is), and manage to escape all the club rules. I must admit that we were quite envious, imagining all the things they can do that we can't - morning swims, outdoor showers, ATVs, motorcycles, skeet shooting, horses (though not now), no building permits, no fishing regulations... and of course, the over-the-lake zip line, complete with rescue canoe.

The kids had a blast on the ATVs and the zip line, and we even did a passable job at Valley Ball, a Durrett baseball-like creation played in a valley, where first base is an uphill sprint (at over 9,000 feet above sea level).

Enjoy David's zip line run - prior to canoe rescue, and then Christopher's more successful one. And keep in mind that there is also a catcher on the far side, making sure that nobody crashes into the final tree!

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