Monday, August 17, 2009

Their Own Recipie

Annika and Astrid decided to bake cookies. Of course, using a standard recipie was out of the question - they wanted to create their own. I did point out that most recipies are the result of careful testing and measurement to get just the right mix... but to no avail. I overheard some of the planning discussions, especially where they decided that flour was pretty pointless, and the recipie couldn't possible need all that much... so maybe half that amount would do.

Needless to say, the slice-and-bake roll that the recipie promised never materialized. Instead, it was kind of a formless blob that refused to slice. The girls, undeterred, spread out cookie-like shapes and baked them, but were then mystified as to why they didn't really look like cookies. In the end, they melted chocolate bars, dipped the baked results in, and stuck the lot in the fridge. And of course, anything dipped in chocolate is bound to be yummy!

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