Saturday, July 24, 2010

BMR - Year 4!

Annika had a great year at camp - no big surprise. She settled in to her cabin, and tried new activities. She did advanced hiking (two periods), intermediate and advanced horseback riding, American football, and a few others. Advanced hiking got her up Blue Mountain twice, and she even got up at 3am for a sunrise hike. She loved her counselor and her cabin, and made a few new friends (and hung out with lots of old ones).

At parents' day, she competed in the rodeo - barrel racing and barrel weaving. I remarked that sometimes it is hard to get the horse to go where you want it to, with all the speed and excitement of the event. "The horse will go where I say." she stated, and it was true. She didn't miss a barrel - and won both events for her age group. She was determined to win one, but two was a real treat.

And she got her 4 year jacket this year - her 4th summer at camp. And she's only 10!

Of course, she came home with lots of questions - "Why am I the only one in my cabin..."
  • without a bra
  • who doesn't shave
  • who doesn't wear deodorant
I guess these things are coming...

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