Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soccer Camp Week with Christopher

With Annika at Blue Mountain Ranch and Benjamin at Douglas Ranch Camp, Christopher and I have a week to ourselves. But to harness some of his energy, he is doing a soccer camp, 9-5 of soccer, more soccer... and a bit of swimming.

The first challenge for his camp was finding something he would consent to wear. He was extremely disappointed that the local sporting goods stores didn't carry his IFK Stocksund uniform, but we made do with a white t-shirt and blue shorts. I also bought a blue t-shirt... but it's a no go. So every night, we have to wash the white shirt and the white socks to be ready for the next day. I don't know who picked white for a sock color, but it sure wouldn't be my first choice...

And today, the camp took the kids to the beach. The camp is at the university campus next to Fort Ord, and Christopher was thrilled by the number of things he found on the way to the beach - not shells - shell casings. He came home with a large collection. He disappeared to his room and laid out his collection for display... on a pair of his underwear. It was there... it was the right size... why not?

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