Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Started with the Peas...

I never planned on being one of "those moms" - the ones who plan meals around their childrens' preferences.

So there I was, sitting at this sushi restaurant for lunch - why lunch? Well, because I can't convince my 7-year-old to come with me to a sushi dinner, and soccer camp means he's eating french fries with ketchup and I'm free to choose my favorite meal... And there's this 4-year-old, tucking in to her California roll and praising the miso soup. "She eats what we eat" says her mom.

Where did I go wrong? Why do we have a revolt every time I make something new? Why do new meals bring tears? Was it the peas?

Yes, there was that dinner... the one where I put a handful of peas (like 12) on Christopher's plate... and he had a major meltdown, marching each pea to the trash can to dump it. Until they were all gone, there was no future to the dinner. Is this why he can't eat this morning's breakfast without dumping the sliced orange garnish on my plate? And what is it with ketchup? Isn't it a garnish? Not a side dish?

Anyway, Christopher and I found a great restaurant here in Carmel - and we've been there three times in four days... so I guess I'm catering to his preferences. It is a pizzeria where he gets to make his own pizza. They bring him a hat, dough, tomato sauce, cheese and ham - and he goes to town!

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