Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Babysitting and iPods

One huge benefit about Switzerland is the access to babysitting. Swiss Mountain Sports has been outstanding in providing great ski schools (5 kids per class max) and a high level of customer service. Of course, with three kids booked, two weeks a year or more, the Neils are now known. Even better, the ski instructors also double as babysitters, so David and I can actually have a dinner on our own occasionally. (We have had a hard time finding babysitters in Sweden, and after Benjamin scared away a couple of new ones, we have had to rely on our old faithful team - Leonor, Pernilla and Carl - who are now growing up and have a real job, a busy university life and military service, respectively).

Allison has now come three times (!) - a miracle when more than once seems to be more than most can handle. Of course, the boys got to listen to their iPods to help them fall asleep - a brilliant strategy, and one which gave us these wonderful photos!

I just hope they have some hearing left when they reach adulthood!

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