Monday, March 24, 2008

The Sock Plot

Socks are a disposable item in our house, not due to lack of effort! H&M must have a plot to get us - I bought days-of-the-week socks for Benjamin - 7 pairs, all different. I bought two sets, so at least we would double our chances of finding sock friends, and then found myself in the laundry room last week with a handful of days, none the same. Of course, I did go back to buy more (to increase our chances of matching even further) only to find that Sunday had changed from orange to lime, and Monday was now blue, not red. Arrrgh!

Then Benjamin started to get interested in the days of the week. "What day is it today?" he would ask, as we were trying to get three kids dressed and out the door for school. "Ummmm" (with a quick glance at the pair of socks in my hand) "Sunday". Or sometimes I would try, "Well, today is Tuesday, but you can wear Saturday socks because you are dreaming of Lördagsgodis (Saturday candy)."

Variety is NOT the spice of life when it comes to socks!

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