Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Would You Insure Him?

Yes, Benjamin needs glasses. No big surprise, since David and I are both near-sighted. In the Swedish system, we have to go to a "gate keeper" to get a "remiss" for further care. Truthfully, with their family history of glasses and orthodontics, our kids should have received their "remiss" at birth...

We went to the store to pick out his new glasses, and found out that Benjamin is no Harry Potter, but this pair seemed to be fine. Little did I know that childrens' glasses come in a buy-one-get-one-free-plus-insurance deal - good thing!

Within two weeks, Benjamin realized the power he had been given. When he and Christopher were messing around in the airport and David separated them, I looked over to see Benjamin grinding the lenses into the wall - scratches on both, though more on his "good" eye, which can only force his weak eye to work even harder, so maybe not such a bad thing. Then the next day, when he didn't get the ice cream he wanted, he threw his glasses on the ground (fortunately grass) and stomped on them. One return trip to the store so far, and more to come.

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