Friday, May 02, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

We were invited to Leonor's 30th birthday party on the 1st of May... or at least so we thought. We managed to find a babysitter (amazing - found her on, which hooks up neighbors), and went to the restaurant. We sat down for drinks with Leo, Christer, Christer's mom, Christer's two brothers, and their girlfriends. As they served champagne, Leo and Christer suggested we go out for photos on the water. As we got there, a women from the city hall turned up and commented on the view. For a moment, I thought she was some new guide service from the city, until she announced that she was there to marry Leo and Christer, and opened up her book. We were all so surprised - and happy for them. It was a very beautiful ceremony by the waters' edge. (Annika is now ready for them to have children - hopefully a girl - because of course, that's what automatically happens after you get married.)

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Unknown said...

I feel like a star being on your blog! Thanks for the pics and the text. I still can see your faces of surprise. It was just fantastic to have you both with us that night. It means a lot for me. Love, Leo.