Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Just Not Me

Yes, I do come from Texas. And no, I don't ride. However, the Texas genes may have skipped a generation. You see, Annika loves horses and riding, and I just - well - don't. But that doesn't excuse me from having to help her rein and saddle a horse, which is a frightening prospect for both of us. I really should learn how to do it. I really should believe them that the horse wants the bit in his mouth, that if I put my fingers right by his jaw I won't get bitten, that the whole process is really easy. I should exude confidence as I chase those teeth around with the metal bit, throw the reins over his head, and ensure that he doesn't run away before we get him ready. But I don't. Instead, I look for one of the moms who rides regularly, or as we did today, beg a 9-year-old to help us. Pathetic. Please don't let my lack of enthusiasm affect Annika's enjoyment of the sport...

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