Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who Can You Believe?

As a small internet business owner, I am innundated with junk e-mail. Lately, I have received a couple of bloggers inviting me to "allow" them to write reviews of my products on their well-read blog. Sure, go ahead - write an independent review. But it isn't, is it? Because somewhere in the gist of their message, they surely want me to pay for their review.

So I checked out their blogs, just to see what they were writing that was so popular, and deserving of - what would you call it - unofficial advertising? Bribery? One woman had no kids and a tattoo, and wrote mostly about fashion. How toys would fit in to her readership is a bit of a stretch for me.

The other one was a mom of three, who had a poorly formatted blog which she updates seemingly 3-4 times a day, full of photos of her 3-month old, 4-year-old (and a surprisingly absent 8-year-old) and her shopping experiences. It looked to me like she empties her shopping bags each time she had been out for a major shopping trip (once a week?!?) and took a photo of each item, uploaded it and gave it a title. Her counter said she had 192,000 hits. Amazing. I don't think I get any hits (there must be a counter somewhere), and at least I try to be somewhat interesting. Would I want to be read by 192,000 people? Doubtful. Would my children like their cute/embarassing stories read by that many? Certainly not. Anyway, now to draft a polite but firm no way message, and invite them to review any products they see fit.

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