Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Year of the Mud

I guess the Chinese stick to animals when it comes to years - Year of the Pig, Year of the Cat, stuff like that. However, I will remember the winter of 2007/8 as the Year of the Mud. I'm not actually sure winter came this year, and it certainly didn't spend a lot of time freezing. The boys came home with brown snowsuits every day - though blue was the original color. The amount of mud that has been through our washing machine could surely plant a large tree, and one may even be growing in our drain pipes as we speak. So here I sit, ready for bed, but the washing machine is holding the boys' snowsuits captive for another thirty minutes.

That said, perhaps it is better that winter was mild, since we were missing an outer wall in the kitchen for most of December, January and February. But next year, some freezing weather would be nice...

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