Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Slings and Tooth Fairies

Of course, the last hour of the last day of the ski holiday, Annika managed to fall - hard - on her arm. We had to pick her up and take her in for x-rays, to make sure nothing was broken. The doctor studied the x-rays, took more, and then pronounced her arm as "écrasée", which in my French means crushed. I looked and looked at the x-rays, and tried to clarify that - to me - écrasée meant "petits morceaux" or small pieces. But apparently, it just means "contusion", which I had to look up on the internet when I got home. Bruise. Sling for 10 days (she managed to keep it on for 5 before she got fed up). Whew.

And Benjamin lost a front tooth, and now looks so "six". Of course, David and I were deep into three episodes of 24, and forgot that the tooth fairy should have come. Bad parents. But she came the next night. I promise - we'll do better next time!

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