Sunday, August 01, 2010

Are We... or Aren't We...

from Sweden, that is. We were at a campfire sing-a-long last night, and of course, the event starts with a "Where is everybody from?" question. And yes, we were the only Europeans. I don't really want to stand out, or attract attention... nor do I want to be "cheating" since David and I are really Texans at heart. But I rationalized it - since the kids were born in Sweden and a campfire sing-a-long would be new to them, or so I thought.

As the sing-a-long progressed, it became clear that Annika knew more of the songs than David and I did - from camp. Seems as though they do a lot of singing there, and in her "advanced hiking" van, the driver liked to play Elvis.

"These songs are more fun than Lady Gaga," she remarked, as she sang along with "Red River Valley", "America the Beautiful", and a few Elvis tunes. I knew there was something great about summer camp!

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