Monday, August 16, 2010

Petty People

I survived another apartment owner meeting in Switzerland, or rather, the other participants survived - without bloodshed. I can't believe the issues that are brought up...
  • X thinks the flower boxes have too many colors this year... Y likes them. Decision? The florist decides with NO input from the residents. Brilliant.
  • C thinks D uses the common washing machine too often, so much so that his friend E can't get a slot. C's solution? Raise the rates so that D gets "punished" for overuse. My solution? Get real, people. Let E tell D that he wants a time slot.
  • Some of the plants didn't survive the winter and late arrival of spring. How should we replace them? With plants that would have a good chance of survival at this climate? The solution - demand an immediate meeting with the landscaper to discuss the replacement plan.
  • Should we spend 2000 CHF per apartment for a remote-by-phone heating adjustment system for each building? No.
And then there were many issues we discussed at length which have no solution... at least among the group present...
  • Will the pitch-n-put golf course continue to be supported by the Crans golf club?
  • Will the house that is planned for the new lot be attractive?
  • Will somebody buy the remaining lots in the valley?
  • Will the ski resort build better access to the valley?
Oh, and we set the date for next year's meeting. Don't know if I will make such an effort to be there... unless Annika will come with me!

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