Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letters from Camp

These letters will have to be in the "to save" box for future generations. Benjamin's letter was the first I have ever received from him. It was completely him - written in Swedish, in a mix of cases.

Hej Hu(r) mår du mama (Hi - how are you, Mom)
Mama lägär är kul (Mom, camp is fun)
Mama jag har kul (Mom, I am having fun)
Mama hur må'n (???)

And a great drawing. I think the text says "ni simmar" (you swim) in the upper drawing and "ni most joba" (ni måste jobba - you must work) in the bottom one. A keeper!

Annika's letter was a bit more legible, and also equally charming. This was my letter - she also included a card each for Benjamin and Christopher, complete with drawings, since she knew they couldn't read. Her spelling has made great strides - it is only her nationality (Amirican) that she can't spell. Not bad for no instruction in English. And her style mirrors that on her Facebook page - lots of !!!! and smiley faces.

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