Monday, August 02, 2010

Tree Experts

We took a one-day tour of Yosemite with Ranger Roger - a retired park ranger who has dreamed of working in Yosemite since he was 7. I always find it so fun to be with someone who has such an all-encompassing interest - and his stories were wonderful. We started with the giant sequoia trees, and are all now tree experts.

Annika can spot the difference in a fir tree, a ponderosa pine, a sugar pine and a giant sequoia with ease. And the boys are almost as proficient.

Annika sat in front with Ranger Roger and absorbed every bit of his stories, even remembering Teddy Roosevelt and his role in establishing national parks. Wow.

The scenery was amazing, truly breathtaking. And it was relaxing to have someone else battle the crowds - Yosemite on a Saturday in July is kind of like the mall at Christmas... but despite the crowds, we had a great time. Choosing the best Christmas card picture will be a challenge!

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