Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Benjamin Drawing

I so love Benjamin's drawings. The details are all there - and in such creative ways. This one is typical of him - and note:
  • The whale is a true filter feeder - he has even drawn the brush-like mouth - and the krill who are on their way in. I guess he was listening...
  • The fish are swimming in a school.
  • The sailboat has ballast(!)
  • The pirates have a hammock to sleep on and a toilet with a light and a waste pipe down to the sea (Benjamin is never one to forget the poop-element of any occasion).
  • Sea urchins, a sea star and a crab/crayfish/lobster are roaming the ocean floor.
  • There are a few shark fins swimming around, especially close to the poor guy in the rowboat.
  • And a little green turtle is swimming towards the surface.
One last note - as willing as he is to draw the details of the scene, he has decided to change his name to BEN - so that he can avoid writing the JAMIN.

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